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Frequently Asked Questions about 1MinuteBooking.com

  1. Q: How do I get started?
  2. A: Just press the New Agent button on the 1MinuteBooking.com landing page and fill out the registration form. A 1Minutebooking.com Sales Manager will follow up with you to complete your account activation.
  3. Q: Is there a cost or fee to register with 1MinuteBooking.com?
  4. A: No, there is no cost or fee to join 1MinuteBooking.com.
  5. Q: Why book with 1MinuteBooking.com?
  6. A: 1MinuteBooking.com is a full-service online reservation system for travel agents. You can manage your online account from your home, agency and even while traveling! We offer your agency the freedom to book dynamic packages, hotels, cruises, activities, transfers, cars, home rentals, and groups products around the world..
  7. Q: How are your rates displayed?
  8. A: Rates displayed include tax and commissions. Some travel product such as hotels or vacation homes may have additional resort fees, deposits or miscellaneous charges. Unless otherwise noted Car Rentals may not include all taxes, drop off fees, airport fees, and/or state surcharges, or insurance. Cruise pricing includes port charges but does not include taxes. This information is disclaimed while making the reservation, before purchase and also disclaimed on the confirmation voucher. Your client will need to pay any taxes or fees as outlined or mentioned above when service is rendered.
  9. Q: When will my credit card be charged?
  10. A:Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase unless the reservation is “On-Request” (see below).
  11. Q: What commissions does 1MinuteBooking pay for each product?
  12. A:
    • Hotel 15%
    • Home Rentals 15%
    • Cruises 11%
    • Activities & Transfers 10%
    • Car 3%
    • Flight - Add your own commission
    Remember you can manually add more commission in top of the already commissionable rates.
  13. Q: How do I pay for a reservation?
  14. A: You pay either with your credit card or with your customers credit card. The credit card will be charged when the reservation order is placed. You cannot use more than 1 credit card to make a payment.
  15. Q: Which credit cards can I use to make a booking?
  16. A: The accepted credit cards are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, JCB, and Discover.
  17. Q: How do I enter additional commission on a reservation?
  18. A: After you enter the credit card details, and before you accept the terms and conditions, there is a line called “Agent Mark-up.” Here, you can enter your additional commission, being careful not to exaggerate. Once finished, click on “Enter,” and the commission will be added to the final cost of the booking without showing the breakdown to your client.
  19. Q: When will I receive my commission?
  20. A: Commissions are paid on the 20th of every following month after guest check-in. In order to mail your commission check, the amount must reach at least a $200 threshold.
  21. Q: How is my commission calculated?
  22. A: Commissions are calculated based on the structure outlined by 1MinuteBooking.com. Please note the commission is paid only on the commissionable amount (less tax).
  23. Q: Do I need a W-9 to get paid my commissions?
  24. A: Yes, please note in order for us to send commissions we must have a signed W-9 for your company on file. Please note the address on your W-9 must match the address you registered with 1MinuteBooking.com. If you need a W-9, click here. Please fax completed W-9 forms to 407-215-1106, or email to sales@1minutebooking.com.
  25. Q: How do I perform a product search on your site?
  26. A: Choose the appropriate product tab, such as hotels, flights, cruises, cars, packages, activities, transfers or home rental. Select your destination, or type the city name only, or the city code. Then enter the check in date, number of nights, number of rooms, and number of adults/children. Click on search and view the results.
  27. Q: How do I search for a package on 1MinuteBooking.com?
  28. A: First, click on the Packages tab. Next, select your package type, such as Flight + Hotel + Car. Then, book your flight by entering the destination city name, departing and returning dates, and the number of rooms and Adults/Children/Seniors/Infants. Click “Search Now” to continue. Next, select the hotel and car desired. Finally, fill in all required traveler and billing information to complete your reservation.
  29. Q: When do I receive a reservation confirmation?
  30. A: You will receive a confirmation immediately after your transaction is processed.
  31. Q: What do I give to my clients before they travel?
  32. A: All confirmed hotel reservations will receive an email confirmation or customer order to the email address on file. Our reservations department will fax or email you the voucher that must be given to the client. All flights will receive an email confirmation from our flights department.
  33. Q: What is an "On-Request" reservation?
  34. A: An on request reservation means we will need to contact the hotel to see if they have availability and will honor our contracted rate. You will receive a voucher via email if we are able to confirm the reservation. Please wait 24-72 hours for the request to be confirmed. If you feel you have not received the confirmation in a timely manner please contact us, select "Reservation Support", and enter the subject "On-Request".
  35. Q: How can I change or a cancel reservation?
  36. A: Click on the Reservations button at the top right-hand side of your screen. Choose the reservation you would like to review, and amend or cancel it.
  37. Q: How do I get assistance with customer service issues / complaints regarding travel that has taken place?
  38. A: Post travel case link here.
  39. Q: How do I update my account information?
  40. A: Once you are logged in, click on My Account in the upper right-hand corner. You can now make changes and update your account information.
  41. Q: Do you handle group reservations?
  42. A: Yes, we specialize in group reservations but these bookings are not done online. Please email your group requests (for 10 rooms or more) to http://feature.touricoholidays.com/groupquote/.
  43. Q: How long does my account remain active?
  44. A: Your account will remain active as long as you continue to make bookings with us. Accounts with no booking activity after 180 days are deactivated permanently.

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